Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Winter Rose Trust Fund

On January 27th, 2008, I wrote an article called “Wings of Desire (Pink Wings)”, for the Gimme A Dream site. As an after thought, at the bottom of the article I placed a banner for the “Winter Rose Trust” and a link to the Winter Rose Trust Site. The after thought came from singer/song writer, cancer survivor and an internet friend, Phil Planet, who had read a comment I had made on the Winter Rose site during one of my infinite web surfing travels.

Phil graciously thanked me for my comments and asked if I would mention the site on my web log. Well we all know where this is going! I had already posted the “Wings Of Desire (Pink Wings)” only a few minutes before so I said I would add a note to the Dare To Be Pink Cancer Fund Raiser the I wrote about.

I also placed the Wings on a post here on the Magdalen Islands site because Amanda is a Magdalen Islander and there were ties to Prince Edward Island. Also there is a lot of cancer on the Magdalen Islands.

I also said that I would do a review of his site. This is the review, BUT it isn’t a review.... In the three days, that I have known the “Winter Rose Trust” Site, it has grown tremendously. How can I write about something that keeps on changing. It is a great, good change, but change nevertheless.

So I’ll give an overview of the site, that will remain the same. Phil Planet is a British singer/song writer, but principally he is a cancer survivor. However, he was asked to write a song about surviving cancer. As a survivor, he felt the subject was negative and he wanted a positive outlook so he wrote a song about another survivor, the winter rose.

This song is dedicated to cancer research. It can be heard at the Winter Rose Trust site. BUT more importantly, it can be purchased for only $2.00 and downloaded from the site. Because I am the site monitor for Canada. Yes, Canada has its own web site for this fund raiser. It is at

On top of writing this post for the “Winter Rose Trust”, I decided that the Gimme A Dream site was declaring the month of February to be its “Cancer Be Gone” month. Every post that is written will have the “Winter Rose Trust” banner and link at its bottom. As an extra effort, the Gimme A Dream Craft Site will also have the banners placed at the bottom of each post. Triple the effort, the Magdalen Islands web log which is guaranteed to have at least one post each and every day for the 29 days, will receive the banners.

I intend to write articles dedicated to my mother, Magdalen Islander, Marion Clark Currie, cancer victim. Mostly they will be amusing stories about her life and the way she choose to live it. Mum was a happy person and there are incidences that are going to be forgotten, if they are not wrote down for generations to come. I hope that no one minds my thoughts on the matter.

PLEASE go to the Winter Rose Trust Site and purchase the song Winter Rose for just $2.00. Click on the flag of the country where you would like your money to go. Then click on donations. Pay through PayPal. It isn’t much and the money goes to such a great cause.

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