Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Precious Weather

Just thought I'd put out a few more weather shots. I took these an hour ago. It is snowing but not really very windy, so it is really very pleasant outside. I was out with gloves or a jacket for quite a little while, taking thirty or forty shots of the weather, the horses and dogs.

It gives you an idea of where the snow is all going in the shot of the Sand Cove Road sign. It certainly hasn't blown away as you'd expect for the Magdalen Islands. If this keep up, we'll be driving through tunnels in Grande-Entree, by March.

Now you know, this is just about all of Old Harry. In the far distance, you can't see where we call "Out The Road", but it is there. What these pictures are of is "Over The Road". That is how the generations past referred to Old Harry. We are in Sand Cove, which is a "suburb" of Old Harry. That is a chuckle, really, but there you go. How else can Old Harry be explained.

Grosse Islers used to fondly call people from Old Harry, "Old Harry Sand Fleas" and those from Old Harry would justly return that it was better than being a "Grosse Isle Picker!" This was a generation or two ago. Now we tend to be more formally and politically correct. "Pickers and Sand Fleas" are not heard of anymore. Our quaintness is gone.


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WOW!!! It looks soooo cold! Here in Argentina we have almost 40°C!