Friday, January 11, 2008

On this day in Our Islands History

In 1928, Magdalen Islands mail was brought to the islands for the first time by plane. Pilot, Romeo Vachon flew a single-engine Fairchild plane that was registered to G. -CAIP, on the account of the Company, Canadian Transcontinental Airways accros the ice covered Gulf of Saint Lawrence to deliver the mail. He repeated the trip nine times during that winter, dropping it by parachute on several occasions because the temperature was such that he could not land.

- From the chronicle's of historian Father Frédéric Landry
Événements Historiques Agenda (Septembre 1993 à Septembre 1994)

The son of Romeo Vachon has put a biography up on the world wide web and the links are provided in the story. To the right is a plane, a Fairchild G-CAIP which would have been similar to that which he flew to the islands. Links provided show the plane dropping mail to the North Shore during the same year and the same month. The photo is courtesy of RON DUPAS MENU and the Fairchild company.

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