Monday, January 14, 2008

An Unexpected Find In an Unusual Pond

An email came through this morning from the ZIP Committee of the Islands that was found interesting and up to date on the water ways of the Magdalen Islands.

Good morning to all,

A simple message concerning an accidental capture Sunday, by the meshes of a fisherman's smelt net.

It is called a lumpfish, or more commonly called the 'big hen of sea' (Cyclopterus lumpus). This fish generally lives waters that are not very deep, in the Atlantic, where it holds up itself to the rocks, to the seaweeds or to the lobster traps, with its ventral plunger, while awaiting an appealing meal to pass him nearby.

This accidental capture was made in the Oyster Bassin. This is proof that our inside waters are very valuable and sometimes present an unsuspected biodiversity....

Then, it is for good reason for that we collectively work in favor of the harmonious and durable development of these interior waters, with respect to the usages, the resources and the environment. Excellent week to all!!!

Yves Martinet, directeur
Comité ZIP des Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Bureau 209, 330 Ch. Principal, Cap-aux-Meules, Qc
G4T 1C9
Tél./fax.: (418)986-6633

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