Sunday, January 20, 2008

This Magdalen Islands Blog Doesn't Pay

By this time, those of you who frequent these hallowed halls of the Magdalen Islands blog, know that it is not generating any income. Not for itself and not for me. That is going to have to change to some degree this year.

Perhaps you will notice a donation box, sometime in the future. Or perhaps you will notice more advertisements. More than likely I'll slip in a post, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Magdalen Islands except that I, as a Magdalen Islander have noticed something important that will help someone.

It is certain, that in these "posts" you will see a lot of links. The reason for this is that the major search engines require links of the type that I don't have in this blog, in order to make it more favorable to well paying advertisers. This web log is not valued very high and yet it has a lot of content, that is of interest. On the ranking systems, it rates at a zero level, or not at all. That needs to change!

Lately, I have noticed something totally related to the Maggies. Here on the islands, there are a lot of internet users. They are members of certain social networks, like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. That is a good thing, but those two networks are generating approximately 20 million dollars a month each and they are not helping their users, their members.

I joined them and still have my accounts open, but..., I have also joined Yuwie. This is important for one reason. Yuwie Pays! In fact, it is the the first social network that pays it's members to blog. They pay their members to post messages! They pay the members to visit each other and say "Hi, want to be friends!" Yuwie pays to see your pictures and videos.

Yuwie pays!!!

If anyone is interested in making some money while meeting people from around the world, try Yuwie. It is completely free to join. I've review the network in my other blogs, Gimme A Dream and Unique Items, if you want to have a bit more information.

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