Thursday, January 24, 2008

On this day in Our Islands History

In 1986, the editor of the Islands French news weekly, The Radar, Mr. Achille Hubert, received the Communications Prize for 1985, from the hands of the Minister of Communications of Quebec. The laureate attributed a grant of $2000 as well as a souvenir plaque. This prize for written journalism is known to support the regions of development in the fields of communication and the medias.

In 1987, five horses arrived by ferry on the day to open the Equestrian Center in Etang-des-Caps on the Amherst Island.

- From the chronicle's of historian Father Frédéric Landry
Événements Historiques Agenda (Septembre 1993 à Septembre 1994)

The "La Chevauchee des Isles Enr" was the islands largest equestrian center housing more that thirty horses for the pleasure of riding. The large west beach was used as well as the hills and forests of the Basin in Amherst. Today, only four horses exist at the center and they are private family owned. The center no longer gives trail riding tours but instead concentrates on supplying needed resources to the Islands farming population.

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