Thursday, September 18, 2008

Letter To The Community!

Sûreté du Québec
Poste des Îles-de-la-Madeleine

C.P. 8185, Cap-aux-Meules, Québec) G4T 1R3

tel(418)986-5555 fax (418) 986-5704
Courrier électronique : Poste.muncipalite.iles-de-la-madeleine@surete.qc.c

The letter below is recorded as it was sent. The officer is French-speaking and wrote the letter in English, therefore the grammatical choices are understandable .

August 27th,

Drug Summary


I am taking advantage of this occasion to share with you the results concerning the work that was realized in regards to the fight against drugs. In 2007, the message that you sent to us was clear : we had to attack the phenomenon of drug trafficking and drug consumption on the archipelago (islands).

In place for 2 years now, I had myself observed that drug consumption was trivialized and that it was often done at the sight of everyone, we had to act. The plan that we built for ourselves in the Spring of 2007 contained four parts: Equip and educate the police officers of the islands, be more repressif in regards to the fight against drugs, make drug consumption an important matter and work on prevention with the youth.

We followed our plan and that is what has permitted us to attain the excellent results which will follow. Above everything, it is also your precious collaboration that often permitted us to make our investigations progress and to be able to go knocking at the doors of these criminals. In the chart below is the number of interventions that were realized during the past three years.

The work that our police officers have realized during the past two years is huge. I wish to salute their involvement and devotion to this cause. Without a doubt we can say "Mission accomplished". This is the perfect example of the police working with the community, the police is close to the citizens and is preoccupied by the local problems.

In conclusion, be assured that we will continue to work to the fight of drug trafficking with the same determination. Thank you for your collaboration. The denunciation of these crimes and the quality of the information that was given to our officers are essential during the process of investigations.

Lieutenant Jonathon Jauron
Director of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine unit
Sûreté du Québec

Commentary by me:

I hate criticizing the local police force but honestly, I don't think I would bring this up to any of the parents to whom this was addressed - the English-speaking population of the Magdalen Islands, as a conversation starter. I don't think I would hear the end of it.

According to the Drug Prevention organization working with the police, the islands is running rampant with illegal drug abuse. We are a global community (French 11,000+, English 1,000-) of just over 12,000 permanent residents. These numbers, in the table above, seem staggeringly low, to me.... And to say, "Mission accomplished", I thought meant they cleaned all of the illegal drugs off the Archipelago. But that is no where near the case....

I'm sure the police are doing their jobs and that Lieutenant Jauron means well, but I can understand the parents and guardians of past, present and future addicted children, when they protest, with signs and banners, up and down main street in Grindstone.

Well It Is An Election Year....

Posters on the electricity poles..., that is the first sign of election frenzy on the islands. If it can be called frenzy. Islands elections are pretty dead until the day of the election. Then it becomes a pull, drag, push or tow electors to the polls, it seems.

I guess there are only three candidates running for the provincial nomination. Raynald Blais will return, trying for a third term in office for the Parti Quebecois. An independent, Gaston Langlois is running and Darryl Gray is returning to Gaspesie/Islands politics after fifteen years 'politicking' at the Canadian level. Gray is running for the Progressive Conservative Party.

And All Eyes Are On...., the American Election and the Obama/McCain issue.

Ho hummmmmm! Another dull election coming up! I guess that is the reason they tore up the main highways in Fatima, House Harbour and the full length of the Amherst/Grindstone causeway. Oh and lets not forget the umpteen dollars granted to repave the Grand Entry and Etang-du-Nord Harbours....

More to come as the event draws near!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

All Beautiful and Well

Original came from Journaliste: Hélène Fauteux
Translated by Wynn Currie

The program, Belle et biens dans la peau (Beautiful and Well Under the Skin), for women who have cancer, will be open on an autonomous bases on the islands. The islands Center for Health and Social Services has concluded a collaboration agreement in this sense with the Cancer Association for Eastern Quebec. Lise Turbide, psychosocial intervener at the CLSC of Grindstone, explained that a team of fifteen people has bee formed, at the end of June, in order to offer Belle et bien dans la peau workshops to Magdalen Islanders. These workshops aim to aide women who have cancer to surmount the secondary effects of the treatments on their appearance. They will teach specific techniques of makeup and the means to compose with the loss of hair.

Awaiting the next Belle et bien dans sa peau will be offered in October, the program will be dispensed to reason of four times a year, on the Archipelago. Lise Turbide precisely said that some forty odd more Magdalen Islanders have received a cancer diagnosis.