Monday, January 14, 2008

On this day in Our Islands History

In 1990, Maria Arseneau and Avila Chevrier celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary. Mr. Chevrier was nicknamed the living encyclopedia because of his interests and of his exceptionnel curiosity, that made him a door to the history of our country. Mrs and Mr Chevrier celebrated their seventy-third wedding anniversary on the year of the Magdalen Islands bicentennial.

- From the chronicle's of historian Father Frédéric Landry
Événements Historiques Agenda (Septembre 1993 à Septembre 1994)

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dennis said...

A living encyclopedia indeed! When I first started tracing my family tree back in the mid-1970s, it was Mr. Chevrier who was the first to respond to my questions about my grandparents, giving me their parents and grandparents names and the exact year they left the Islands for the US. And why not, he personally knew and was friends with my paternal grandparents. I am still deeply grateful for all his help. May he and his wife rest in God's peace!