Thursday, April 23, 2009

Possible New Control Position For Chandler's Docking Bay

Last December 22nd, a serious storm had damaged the electronic equipment of the landing dock of Chandler, which the CTMA Vacancier uses, during the summer season.

So to avoid having the situation happen again, the new control position will be mobile. The cost of the bill will rise to $300,000 and the insurance company for the town of Chandler does not cover these types of damages.

The mayor, Claude Cyr, has requested for the Minister of Transport of Quebec to pay the total of this sum.

As always, the time is short, because the CTMA Vacancier will be starting its first voyage to Chandler around mid-June.  This is why the town is not waiting the cheque from the Minister for to launch the work involved.

The director of the Groupe CTMA, GĂ©rald Leblanc, explained that a 'plan B' is on the table if the docking bay of Chandler is not repaired in time.

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