Saturday, April 18, 2009

$107,644 Funding For The Material To Restore The Church of Saint-Francois-Xavier of the Bassin

The Magdalen Islands Deputy, Germain Chevarie announced in the name of the Minister of Communication and Conditions of Women, Mrs Christine St-Pierre, that a financial aide of $107,644 has been accorded to the materials for the accomplishment for the work of restoring the church of Saint-François-Xavier of the Bassin on Amherst Island.

“We have the collective responsibility to preserve and give to the future generations, the inestimable heritage that constitutes our churches and our link to our culture.  It is why we follow our efforts to restore and put a value on the more significant elements of this unique heritage,” declared the Deputy, Mr. Chevarie.

The church Saint-François-Xavier is marked by the quality of its architecture at the original time and is anchored into te countryside.  In effect, the two bells in the facade of the building is distinct of the Archipelago churches during which the siding is fo the wooden shingles painted is typical of the traditional architecture of the Magdalen Islands. 

The aide furnished corresponds to 70% of the total cost of the project and will allow the restoration of the exterior finishing and the windows of the church.  It is overseen by the intermediator of the Council of Religious Heritage of Quebec who administers the program under the restoration of Religious Heritage of the Minister of Culture, Communications and the Conditions of Women.

Photo: Gérard Verdier (Amherst Councillor), madame Laurette Deveau, President for the Fabrique of the Bassin and Germain Chevarie

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