Saturday, April 18, 2009

A New Building and Development Code for the Magdalen Islands: New Regulation Directives

The Agglomeration  council for the Magdalen Islands has finally adopted  the new building and development code for the Archipelago during its regular public meeting, last Wednesday evening.

The revision of this document, which possesses more than 250 pages, took thirteen years to do. After long bouts of work, the priority has been given to agriculture, tourism and heritage in this new building scheme.

Mayor, Joel Arseneau, highlighted that the weak, superficial habitable regions of the Archipelago, being it is 160 square kilometers, has force the people to make compromises.

Industrial Park Projects for example, have been abandoned. “It is necessary to restrain the development of unmovable (projects)”, added M. Arseneau, who admitted that there will be a lot of work to implant the new regulations.

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