Monday, April 20, 2009

Pilot Project Winter Ferry Service Declared A Success

The pilot project for the first winter ferry services between Souris Prince Edward Island and Grindstone, Magdalen Islands has been a great success this past winter.  The amount of usage for the service was largely surpassed.

According to CTMA employees, many Islanders are hoping that the service will be offered once again next winter. Robert Sumarah couldn’t confirm if the service will be offered again.
Nearly 3000 passengers had used the new service in February and in March.  That is almost one and a half times more passengers than was expected by the Groupe CTMA.  The number of vehicles on the ferry was greater than 75% more then expected.

The director general of the Groupe CTMA, GĂ©rald LeBlanc, estimated that the winter service must be maintained. He said that in his mind, they would not have any difficulties finding 5000 to 6000 passengers for this crossing.


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Magdalen Islands said...

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