Monday, March 2, 2009

To The Present, To The Future!

For those of you who are reading this web log, and I do notice there are a few you, I have installed an odiogo podcast for each article.  This causes the article to be read out loud for those of you who do several things at once on your computers and find the audio preferable to actually reading the post.  

I use odiogo on several other weblogs that I write for and thought to would be well suited here.  

I write three separate weblogs about the Magdalen Islands. This one has a lot of stories that have reached the islands present day news. The Iles-de-la-Madeleine web log is a paid blog which covers the culture and historical aspects of the islands.  It is called Iles-de-la-Madeleine and it's at It is wrote in English and there are no news worthy items listed.  There are legends, ecology, geology, historical and cultural stories there.

The other, I'm not sure about. It is called The Magdalen Islands Network at It has many optional programs, most of which are up and running.  But I don't think it will pay me enough to continue with it, on a private level.  I think I will end up buying another domain name, with the Magdalen Islands in the name. I also will be buying a social network program to hook into it instead of using the NING network that is presently being used.  My plan is to have advertising pay for the site, the programs and at least my wage....  I don't think "Gimme A Dream" will do what I want.

Once I settle the Magdalen Islands site into something that has a future, it is my intention to start a newsletter. It will hopefully have a printed version for people who don't use computers regularly. That is, if the need warrants it.

If anyone is interested in horses, I also write for AllThings Horse.  This weblog started out as a practice to teach myself how to use a wordpress template, but without advertising, All Things Horse seems to have a good following, increasing by about ten people each day.  If its population continues, then I will take it out of wordpress and give it its own domain.


dickiebo said...

Hey, that's good! Even if he does have some rather quaint pronunciations!

Magdalen Islands said...
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Magdalen Islands said...

I am sure that "he" is a digital audio makeup, because "he" actually pronounces mis-spellings as they would be pronounced. For example, the 'h' on my keyboard doesn't work all that well and I often spell 'the' as 'te'. "He" pronounces it as 'tea or tee', and just listen to the mess "he" makes of the French language, LOL!

One real benefit I find is that when "he" reads the message, I can hear the mistakes I've made. This makes editing a lot easier.