Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Islander Has Won First Place for the Radio-Canada 2008 Literary Prize

Jonathan Harnois from the Magdalen Islands has won the first prize for the Radio Canada - 2008 edition for literary creativity, for his short story called “Sonam”. The winners were announced by Christiane Charette on her radio show. 
The first prize is accompanied with a grant of $6,000 and the text will be published by the magazine “EnRoute”, sometime between March and August 2009.

Jonathan Harnois was born in Joliette in 1981. He published his first novel called, “Je voudrais me déposer la tête” (I want to Get Rid Of My Head), in 2005 with the publishers Éditions Sémaphore.  Claude Poissant has adapted the work for the theater in 2007, and a documentary has also been inspired from his universe.  An adaptation for the Cinema is in the works.  Sonam is Harnois's first short story.

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AngelBaby said...

Wow! That is really great! What an honor. Do you know him? See your island is going to be famous and to think you live right there. Can I have your autograph? LOL!

Love and Blessings,