Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Granting of the Exploitation Contract for the Entry Island/Grindstone Ferry

The Society of Quebec Ferries wants to inform you that the contract for the exploitation of the Entry Island/Grindstone ferry has been accorded to the CTMA enterprise of the Magdalen Islands, following a public call for tenders.

From the first of April, the internet
 site of the Society will contain a page, dedicated to the Entry/Grindstone ferry, which will furnish all the information and necessary links in order that the customers will be able to plan their trips.

The ferry service will start its 2009 season as usual, on the first of May.

By the improvements of the service that has been put in place to travel the Entry/Grindstone ferry, the Society has shown that it aims to contribute to the social, economical and touristic development of the islands, particularly in opening up a way for the isolated people.  The Society witnessed very concretely, that it will fill the daily engagements and to continue in its mission.

Well..., la, dee, da! Isn't that a fine how-dee-doo! To the best of my knowledge, the people of Entry Island are all of English background, but when I went to the given website, this particular story was given only in the French language, even though there was an English option to click on....

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