Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drug Bust!

On the last of July, 2008, the islands police force apprehended a youth, 19 years old from House Harbour, while he was in the process of selling marijuana while at the wharf in Grindstone. Around 11:50pm, the police surprised the youth and immediately proceeded with his arrest and the legal search of his vehicle. Inside they found a total of 110 grams of cannabis divided up into three packages as well as the amount of 195 dollars and a weighing scale used in trafficking.

After his interrogation at the police station, the suspect was freed. He must ultimately appear later on, when summoned to face charges for an accusation of the possession of cannabis, with the intent of trafficking.

The individual had been under suspicion, by the police, for delivering the drug for sale, before the arrest.

The local police had been acting in the framework of strategic patrolling.

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dickiebo said...

It seems that nowhere is free of these accursed drugs.