Thursday, August 28, 2008

Father Landry Wins Donald LeBlanc Award

Father Frederic Landry was honored with the Islands 2008, Donald Leblanc award, on Friday, August 22nd, during a ceremony held at the historical site, 'La Grave' in Amherst. He was chosen because he is one of the pioneers to the rebuilding of the site. Achille Hubert, owner/editor of the French weekly newspaper, 'The Radar' presented the award saying, "the historic site of 'La Grave', would certainly not exist without the work of the courageous and clairvoyant man and all those who followed him".

Father Landry founded the Amherst museum at the historical site, 'Muse de la Mer' in 1969 which started the work of rebuilding the site. He is also one of the initiators of the islands aquarium, located at 'La Grave'. Frederic Landry is the author of dozen or so books, written in the French language, many of which are about the maritime history of the islands. At least one of his texts has been translated into English, 'Captains of the Shoal'.

Father Landry declared the he was happy for the honour that is attributed with the Donald LeBlanc award. "I remember my friends and all those who worked with me, who had supported me during those long years, because it will be 40 years, next year that I've been at Amherst.....

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