Saturday, February 2, 2008

On this day in Our Islands History

In 1910, by special courier, Her Majesty's Mail, left the islands by an unusual method of transportation, by the "Winter Magdalen Mail", to arrive at Nova Scotia.

- From the chronicle's of historian Father Frédéric Landry
Événements Historiques Agenda (Septembre 1993 à Septembre 1994)

A few citizens of Amherst wanted to alert the federal authorities of the subject of the completely isolated situation on the Magdalen Islands since the underwater telegraphic cable broke on January 6, 1910. Alcide Gaudet, Octave Briand, Edouard Dupreuil, William Reid, Stanislas (Tanis) Cormier and others prepared a barrel, put the mail in it and set it afloat to sail to Port Hastings, Nove Scotia. In the mail, one letter was addressed to the Federal Deputy Rodolphe Lemieux, giving the isolated situation that was on the Magdalen Islands.

- From Deux siecles d'Histoire, Iles de la Madeleine 1793-1992, by Chantal Naud

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