Friday, February 8, 2008

The Nomination of Pierre-Marcel Desjardins Is Welcomed

This comes from the Sounds of the Sea of CFIM

The vice-president of TAMASU (seal processing company), Paul Boudreau is satisfied of the choice of Pierre-Marcel Desjards as the independent expert charged with the revision of the regional areas of the seal hunt in the Gulf. This is no the first time the professor from the University of Moncton has worked with the Fisheries and Oceans Canada, DFO. Mr. Boudreau remembered that he assisted the Minister in the evaluation of the market price for snow crab, where he helped set a parameter for the establishment of fishing quotas.

Paul Boudreau said that he hoped the independent expert will have the courage to hold account that the Magdalen Islands harvests just the second stage of the admissible seal in the Gulf since the era where the industry of the white coats killed. The vice-president of TAMASU deplores that the real parts have been calculated on the base of the years of commercial inactivity which has survived the stop of this white coat hunt. This is not that in 2009, that the Minister Hearn will decide if he’ll modify, or not the actual part of the quota for the hunt in the Gulf, of which now 70% of the profits go to Newfoundland. The company TAMASU awaits this decision before making the decision to reconstruct their factory, which was ravaged by the fire at the Grindstone harbor, in January, 2007.

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