Saturday, March 27, 2010

Club Vacances Les Iles Inc. Receives $824,666 Renovations Grant

The Minister for Economic Development Canada, the Honorable Denis Lebel, and the member of Parliament for the Iles de la Madeleine, Monsieur Germain Chevarie, on behalf of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy, Laurent Lessard, are pleased to announce that the Salicornia Inn (Club Vacances Les inc.) will receive a joint financial support of $824,666 paid under the Quebec Building Canada Fund Communities Component for the renovation of several of its buildings.  
The project is aimed at the expansion and renovation of several buildings of the Salicorne Inn located in the center of Grand Entry. The work will include the construction of a multipurpose room in the main building, building repairs and home services and the development of a center for physical activity in the building "Le Phare". The project will benefit the entire community of Magdalen Islands, besides allowing the islands to host a new international customers and business. 

"The proposed renovation of the Inn, The Samphire will benefit residents and businesses alike  the community of Grand Entry and Magdalen Islands. In doing so, we ensure that people enjoy a quality of life that creates the country's reputation. Indeed, the Government of Canada's goal is to provide each community with modern facilities essential to health and safety of all citizens. The renewal of public infrastructure is part of a comprehensive plan of action that can prosper, in a healthy environment, "said Minister Lebel. 

"By participating in this project, the Government of Quebec will accept the priority to providing the municipalities of Quebec infrastructure to adapt to our realities and focus on sustainable development. By injecting new capital into the Quebec Infrastructures Plan, the government wants to accelerate the achievement of many infrastructure projects in the territory of Quebec, such as those within the area of Grand Entry, Magdalen Islands to improve the well being of citizens of Quebec, create jobs and sustain good economic performance. We give quality infrastructure, tools needed to meet the challenges of the future, "said MP Germain Chevarie.  

For the completion of this project, it will require a total investment of $1, 237, 000. The governments of Quebec and Canada will each donate $412, 333, representing a total government assistance of $824,666, while the Salicornia Inn (Club Vacances Les inc.) actively participates in the project for the amount of $412, 334.

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