Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Canadian Seal Hunt Vindicated?

United States Humane Society Stands Accused!

The United States Humane Society has been accused of using unjust methods to illegally influence the European Parliament to impose a boycott of seal products last year. The methods have been considered a tactic of the Mafia and the SPCA now is the subject of a lawsuit before the U.S. Federal Courts.

The USSPCA has been the main opponent of the Canadian seal Hunt for many years and has been a serious thorn in the side for Magdalen Islands seal hunters.  Now they face prosecution under the RICO anti-mafia law because they have been accused of having paid $190,000 for false testimony.

Theses illegal methods which have been described as Mafia type actions were used against members of the European Parliament before the vote that imposed a boycott fo seal products in Europe last year.  One such member, Miels Busk of Denmark, said that he was threatened by the Humane society if he did not vote for the boycott.

The alleged conduct of the Humane Society was uncovered by the Consumer Freedom Center for American consumers.  David Martosko, director of the Research Center for US consumers said that they do not know yet how far this organization has gone to influence the decisions of European Parliamentary members.  

The philosophy of these animal groups is quite simple, said Martosko. All animals are people in the eyes of these groups including the seal.  David Martosko believes that a jury could put the Humane Society and its partners like the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Protection) into bankruptcy.  The trial might begin as early as June 2010.

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