Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Annual Telephone Coverage From CTMA

Is This A Joke???

We received an envelope in the mail recently. It said:

"Because of circumstances beyond the control of the Groupe CTMA, an unexpected error was found in the 2009 telephone book that arrived at every building and residential home on the Magdalen Islands recently. The telephone number is NOT CORRECT for the ferry service for the Magdalen Islands!

A self-adhesive sticker was sent to each mailbox on the islands with the proper means of contacting the company for making reservations or asking various questions."

But, after a quick look in the new telephone book, under Ferries and under Traversiers, the number was shown to be the exact number on the sticker! Has Groupe CTMA made a second mistake to correct a mistake that was never made?

To be fair to the company, it is true that Groupe CTMA is not in the white pages under it's own name. It is under Traversier CTMA and the fax number is nowhere to be found in the telephone book.

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dickiebo said...

"Is this a joke?"
No. It is a test for you! lol.