Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 2008 Operation Red Nose Edition - SUCCESS!!!

Hundreds of island volunteers helped a total of 711 people safely return home after a lively night out, on the Archipelago during the 2008 holiday season. One hundred and nine (109) of those of those accompaniments were on New Years Eve. That was an increase of more then one hundred safe drives, for drivers under the influence of alcohol.

The coordinator of the organization, Operation Red Nose, Jean-Pierre Gaudet, indicated that numerous volunteers have been eagar to participate. He reminded us that the organization is more then just an accompaniment service, Operation Red Nose is a vast awareness campaign.

Jean-Pierre Gaudet also stressed that the young adults are more frequently calling the organization to register as a volunteer.

The funds amassed during the 2008 campaign will be accounted and credited, and in part will go to the Minor Hockey League Association next March.

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Marja said...

Ha ha operation Red nose That sounds hilarious, but a greaqt serious initiative
Hope all is fine on your beautiful Island