Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Is this not what we stand for?
This is the response of the Organizing Committee against drugs to the Chief of Police.

Stop the epidemic of drugs on the Islands,
Is this not what we stand for?

Then walk to...
- Stop minimizing the problem of drugs.
-Make people aware that their involvement is important.
- Sensitize, educate and make long term prevention.
- Get more help for users, their family and friends.
You are invited, you and yours, to participate in an awareness walk. We rely on your involvement to spread the word around you. Together we can make a difference.

Sunday, October 5th 2008, 14:00p.m.

The walk will start from the Civic Center in Grindstone.
(If it rains the walk will be postponed to the following Sunday)

The drug use on the Islands is the responsibility of each of us. Whether it is to help someone you love go out of it, to protect children and youngsters from the ill effects of drug use, or to report to the authorities activities related to drug trafficking by using the Info-Crime line or direct call to Surete du Quebec (local police force) on the Islands, you can make a difference. Let's pull together.

So, on October 5th for yourself, your loved ones and the whole community of the Islands, take a step in the right direction, Together let's walk to give the growing generation a clean and healthy Islands where it is good to live.

Long live our beautiful Islands!

The organizing committee for a walk.

Sunday October 5th, 2008, is an election day in Quebec.
I find it interesting that the Organizing Committee does not appear to have a name.

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