Thursday, October 2, 2008

Road Work

You can sure tell it is an election year!!!

The roads have been resurfaced from Amherst to Laverniere, in House Harbour, Etang-du-Nord and here on the main road to everywhere. Technically this is part of Fatima, but the reality is that they tore the road up, dug about 20 feet down, and stopped traffic both ways for at least four weeks. It is incredible what a party will do to stay in power. The wonder of it all is that, I can't figure out what they did it for. It looked like they were running a sewer system but heaven only knows who they are running it to or from would be better to ask.

On the bright side of road work..., it forced us to slow down and see the islands. Beautiful as they are, even the dust and dirt flying from the truck on the red sand base could not dim the colors of the Magdalen Islands.