Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well It Is An Election Year....

Posters on the electricity poles..., that is the first sign of election frenzy on the islands. If it can be called frenzy. Islands elections are pretty dead until the day of the election. Then it becomes a pull, drag, push or tow electors to the polls, it seems.

I guess there are only three candidates running for the provincial nomination. Raynald Blais will return, trying for a third term in office for the Parti Quebecois. An independent, Gaston Langlois is running and Darryl Gray is returning to Gaspesie/Islands politics after fifteen years 'politicking' at the Canadian level. Gray is running for the Progressive Conservative Party.

And All Eyes Are On...., the American Election and the Obama/McCain issue.

Ho hummmmmm! Another dull election coming up! I guess that is the reason they tore up the main highways in Fatima, House Harbour and the full length of the Amherst/Grindstone causeway. Oh and lets not forget the umpteen dollars granted to repave the Grand Entry and Etang-du-Nord Harbours....

More to come as the event draws near!

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dickiebo said...

Election time. Yes, that's the only time that politicians will talk to us. I used to send them off with a flee in their ear, but, after advice from a friend, I now let them ramble on for as long as they like, then politely thank them - and ignore their lies!