Thursday, September 4, 2008

All Beautiful and Well

Original came from Journaliste: Hélène Fauteux
Translated by Wynn Currie

The program, Belle et biens dans la peau (Beautiful and Well Under the Skin), for women who have cancer, will be open on an autonomous bases on the islands. The islands Center for Health and Social Services has concluded a collaboration agreement in this sense with the Cancer Association for Eastern Quebec. Lise Turbide, psychosocial intervener at the CLSC of Grindstone, explained that a team of fifteen people has bee formed, at the end of June, in order to offer Belle et bien dans la peau workshops to Magdalen Islanders. These workshops aim to aide women who have cancer to surmount the secondary effects of the treatments on their appearance. They will teach specific techniques of makeup and the means to compose with the loss of hair.

Awaiting the next Belle et bien dans sa peau will be offered in October, the program will be dispensed to reason of four times a year, on the Archipelago. Lise Turbide precisely said that some forty odd more Magdalen Islanders have received a cancer diagnosis.

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