Friday, May 6, 2011

Dr David Suzuki's Declaration To Help Protect The Gulf of Saint Lawrence

Gulf of Saint Lawrence Flag
World famous Canadian environmentalist, Dr. David Suzuki arrived on the Magdalen Islands on Friday, April 29th, 2011, to help with the struggle to protect the Gulf of Saint Lawrence from the oil drilling prospects. On Saturday, there was a ceremony held at Old Harry beach and the declaration was presented along with a flag for the Gulf. 

Accompanying Dr Suzuki was Georges Stroumboulopoulos of CBC's "The Hour" television show, Karel Mayrand, Executive Director of the David Suzuki Foundation in Quebec and Danielle Giroux of the islands Attention FragÎles. There were also about 40 to 50 islanders who are interested in keeping the oil cartels out of the Gulf and plenty of local children who joined them for a flag-raising ceremony for the protection of the Gulf of St. Lawrence against potential oil and gas spills.

During the ceremony, Dr. Suzuki revealed a flag on a sea-blue background with a bright orange starfish at its centre, representing the Gulf's many resources and the five provinces bordering it. Dr. Suzuki also initiated a vibrant call to action to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence and its ecosystem and communities by reading a statement titled "The Declaration of the Defenders of the Saint-Lawrence."

"A very strong current passed between Dr. Suzuki and the people of the Islands. His visit and his support provided a wave of hope to the people in the community, who must continue to mobilize our neighbours in the Atlantic Provinces to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence and its precious and renewable resources," commented Danielle Giroux, President of Attention FragÏles and spokesperson for the St. Lawrence Coalition.

"The Gulf of St. Lawrence is one of the planet's most precious and unique ecosystems," declared Dr. Suzuki. "Nature cannot be forced to conform to human borders and economy. Instead, we must maintain its health and subordinate our interests to the gulf."

In order to educate the public about the interdependence between citizens and the St. Lawrence River, the David Suzuki Foundation launched a new campaign last month, "The St. Lawrence: Our Living River". The campaign will offer individuals the opportunity to reconnect with the St. Lawrence River and Gulf by taking one or several of eight "David Suzuki Blue Actions" or by participating to an activity in their community on June 10th, the first-ever St. Lawrence Action Day.

Dr. Suzuki and Georges Stroumboulopoulos were at the Magdalen Islands to film a special online segment that will be posted on the CBC's website in late May or early June. The main objective of the web segment is to raise Canadians' awareness of the Gulf's importance and the risks associated with oil and gas drilling.

To view a web segment of the flag-raising ceremony and to watch Dr. Suzuki read the Declaration of the Defenders of the St. Lawrence Gulf, visit:
To send a letter to tell the government to protect the Gulf, visit:


KB said...

I really enjoy keeping up with what's happening in your corner of the world.

Magdalen Islands said...

Old Harry Beach is where I ride the horses all the time, so it is special that Dr. Suzuki decided to come here to place his flag for the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Of course being called Old Harry didn't stop him. It is also the name of the oil prospect site where all the bad stuff will happen.