Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Storm Hits Islands

The Magdalen Islands got banged up pretty severely by Mother Nature this holiday season.... Another storm hit the east coast yesterday with winds attaining 112 km or 60 mph. Extreme high tides were pushed in the high waves that flooded across many of the coastal roads, particularly between Red Cape and House Harbour (the stretch or road on either sides of the iron bridge).

Transport Quebec closed the road because it was impassable by car although many trucks and buses were allowed by.

Big Cape was also hit hard as well as Amherst's 'La Grave'.

La Grave by Sylvain Lapierre

La Cuesta by Diane Hebert

This storm has left many holiday travelers stranded in airports and ferry terminals or motel rooms. Here on the islands, it is unlikely to be cleared up for Christmas because more storm winds are due to hit again tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd of December, with up to 70 km winds plus gusts and rain.

Luckily there has been relatively few power outages in this last storm.
Convoy of school buses taking hospital workers across
the breach. Cars could not pass. - Magdalen Islands Portal

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KB said...

Scary stuff.

AngelBaby said...

Boy you really got hit by a bad storm. Here in California it rained really hard for 5 days and flooded everywhere. It was a real mess! I am so glad it has stopped raining here. The sun finally came out again.

I came by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with love, blessings, peace and joy.

Love and Blessings,

Pierrot!!! said...

wow very impressive!

thanks for the pictures its worth a thousand words

Magdalen Islands said...

It probably looks worse than it actually is but I'm sure a lot of people are suffering because of this weather. The ferry is suppose to leave Souris with a loaded boat at 6pm in 50 minutes. The winds are still awfully strong here and are not going to calm before the 26th. Hopefully she'll come across safely although the ship will nauseatingly rock and roll about an hour off Entry Island.