Saturday, October 2, 2010

Natural Gas Company Responds to Provincial Decision to Stop Drilling Process

The natural gas company, Gastem has responded today, to Quebec's decision to stop the exploratory and exploitation of nonrenewable resources in the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Gastem has postponed its exploratory drilling for its sit in the village of Fatima, until next year.

Gastem President, Raymond Savoie explained that the company wants the time the time to bring in a few additional precautions to the project, in order to reduce to a minimum its environmental impression to the islands.
For example, the company wants to add a more superior situation than is normal for drilling a well of this caliber. Gastem has decided to add a double withholding pool for its used waters.

Gastem also plans to hold a series of informational and consultation meetings with the Islanders, starting around the end of October, in consideration of the work committee of the Municipality of the Islands on the topic of hydrocarbons.

The president of Attention Fragîles, Danielle Giroux is a member of this committee, believes this to be a wise decision, for the continuation of the foreseen drilling that was initially to begin this fall, and the announcement of a series of informational encounters. She believes that despite all, that the Office of public audiences in environment also must take an independent consultation. 
The Gastem President wants to look for a consensus with the Islanders. The company understands that it will never have a unanimous support. 

It is convinced that gas exploitation on the islands would offer a clean alternate energy, to using diesel, and would favor the emergence of economical project development. 

Meanwhile the Green Party of Canada is pressing the Quebec government for a permanent moratorium on the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Gulf of St Lawrence.   The Party argues that two out of the five provinces that border the Gulf, Quebec and Prince Edward Island have already taken a stand in this regard.

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