Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The New Entry Island Ferry To Start This Week

The ferry , Ivan Quinn*, was constructed at the Maritime Méridien Shipyard in Matane, will soon be starting her service of a daily delivery between Entry Island and Grindstone Harbours, on the Magdalen Islands this week. The ultra modern ship had been constructed in eight months at a cost of seven million dollars.

The president of the ferry society of Quebec (STQ) Georges Farrah, highlighted that the ship had been constructed on measure for to respond to the needs of some one hundred residents of Entry Island.

The managers of the STQ ad met the citizens for this project. They had concluded that a ship adapted to their needs. As well, the Ivan Quinn will transport heating fuel to Entry Island and will transfer waste products to the truck on the central island.

Moreover, those isolated who want to do their grocery shopping in Grindstone will have access to a refrigerator and a freezer during the voyage.

*Mr. Ivan Quinn was a colourful person of Entry Island. He was a warm store owner and the mayor of the island for many years. Mr. Quinn had also been known for his talents as a musician and a singer. He was a composer of country ballads on Maritime themes.

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