Wednesday, May 6, 2009

C.A.M.I. Will Receive A Grant For $24,725

The Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders will receive a grant for $24,725 from the govenrment of Quebec to help support a better quality of life for the elderly in the community of Grosse Isle.  This announcement came from the National Assembly of Quebec today.

The Deputy of the Magdalen Islands, Germain Chevarie mand the announcement in the name of the Minister Responsible for the Elderly, Mrs Marguerite Blais, the grant of $24,725, in a project that is  destined to improve the conditions of life for the elderly of the community, within the framework of the program, 'From the Heart of the Action for the Elderly of Quebec'.

“The power of this program rests principally on the doing what it takes to help the initiative of local organizations.  The Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders (CAMI) of Grosse Ile has been accorded this aide to accomplish some of the projects which will assure the active growth of the elderly and which will favour as well their participation in the Anglophone community of the Archipelago,” declared the Deputy.

This year, 80 projects have been given to those who work for the benefit Quebec, for the financial aide of the government of Quebec. The total annual budget of the program is 1.6 million dollars, and the maximum functional aide accorded, by the project, is $30,000.

In the framework of the 2008-2009 edition, particular attention has been given to projects associated with the struggle countering the isolation of elderly persons, to support the helpers of the elderly, to the promotion of the adoption and of the maintenance of healthy ways of life around elderly persons, to the struggle countering the abuses and the mistreatment and to the prevention of suicide. 

“I would like to highlight the important collaboration of the community organizations and the regional dialogue tables, for the improvement of the condition of life for the elderly.  The government of Quebec is proud to support their initiatives which have not only beneficial incidences for the elderly persons, but also for the whole of society,” concluded the Minister Blais.

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