Thursday, November 22, 2007

Joshua Clarke (1992-2000)

Heaven Was Needing A Hero - Like You

This is a tribute to 15-year-old Joshua Clarke, who tragically died in a car accident a couple of weeks before Hallowe'en, 2007, at the turn in Old Harry. The car in which he was a passenger, rolled over in in the field. Neither he nor the driver, young Brandon Clarke were wearing seat belts. Both were thrown from the car. Joshua was under the overturned car when the dust settled. He never regained consciousness.

At the time of his death, he was holding his baby sip cup in his hand. Earlier that day, he had said that it was the first cup he ever drank from and it would be the last cup he drank from. The handle of the cup was found in his hand, when the rescue team pull the car off him.

Paramedics managed to get his heart beating, but he was pronounced DOA at the hospital. Perhaps the saddest day of our community's generation was the day they put Josh into the ground.

His peer group will forever miss him. Joshua Clarke was the treasure of his mum and dad, Tracy and Simeon. May they find what little peace they can, in knowing that their son will be remembered by so many Magdalen Islanders.

"He was the life of the party!" some of his peer said.
These videos were created by Joy31977.

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Vic Grace said...

So sad when a young life is cut off. It was a meaningful tribute. My heart goes out to the family.